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PKI - Identity Trustee

This service fulfills two tasks:

  1. A user can register with this service, so that the service issues a person pseudonym for him. The registration is offline, because the service must be convinced of the correctness of the user's identity data outside the identity management system. After registration of the user's data, the user gets a person pseudonym. This pseudonym is used in subsequent communication between user and this service.
  2. For registered users, the service can issue certificates for pseudonyms of the user, which state, that the service knows the users identity. Service providers may require such a certificate, in order to make shure, that a user can be deanonymized in case of misbehaviour.


  • Creating personal pseudonyms (offline)
  • Certifying pseudonyms (online)
  • SSONET - for connection security

Recent Version

  • pki.jar (09/20/06 9:15)
    pki.tar.gz (09/20/06 9:15), contains sources, documentation and pki.jar


  • Supports MySQL database for storing the service' data.

System requirements

You may download libs.zip (ca. 6.4MB), which contains all libraries needed for the identity management tools.


Current Developers

  • Thomas Kriegelstein, Sebastian Clauß


3. February 2004
DRIM has been presented at Dresden. [Presentation (german)]
17. July 2003
The diploma thesis which is the base for [IDMAN] has been awared the Innovationspreis 2002 of the Industrieclub Sachsen e.V. [Press Information (german)]
CeBIT 2003
We presented ourselves on CeBIT in Hannover, in hall 11/booth D31.