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PSMAN - Database Interface for Pseudonym Management

Purpose of this class library is the creation of an efficient and versatile persistence and management layer for pseudonyms and their related data.

Requirements and Constraints

The pseudonym management provides a mediation layer (middleware) to map pseudonyms and related data to systems for persistence. These include files in filesystems, database management systems and the like.

Number of pseudonyms per user:
  • 1 (MS Passport)
  • >> 1
Properties of pseudonyms:
  • Keypair for signing
  • Usage (onetime, allways, related to communication partner)
  • Related data (name, age, shoe size)
  • Usage in transactions
  • Relational Databases(MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, ...)
  • Filesystem (XML-file)

Every user gets its own instance of the mediation layer to provide the persistence he or she needs. Therein he/she may place the pseudonyms for logging and reuse.
Every pseudonym gets saved with all properties, related data and the exact circumstances of its usage. They contain the usage resp. communication date and time, the partner involved as well as the released or collected data.


  • Data management
  • Database adaption
  • Administration tool


  • Data management
  • Consistent interface
  • Adaption to SQL
  • Adaption to XML

Recent Version


  • Added "Configuration"
  • Added "Identifier"
  • Added support for HSQLDB

System requirements

You may download libs.zip (ca. 6.4MB), which contains all libraries needed for the identity management tools.



  • Thomas Kriegelstein
  • Sebastian Clauß
Thanks to:
  • Martin Godisch for the design and first prototype.


3. February 2004
DRIM has been presented at Dresden. [Presentation (german)]
17. July 2003
The diploma thesis which is the base for [IDMAN] has been awared the Innovationspreis 2002 of the Industrieclub Sachsen e.V. [Press Information (german)]
CeBIT 2003
We presented ourselves on CeBIT in Hannover, in hall 11/booth D31.