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Showcase - Example Application

The example application realizes pseudonymous shopping with the aid of a trustee. The purchase is related to electronic goods (i.e. e-Books) which can be transferred via an already established TCP-IP connection. The trustee must be able to verify the completeness and correctness of the delivery.

Requirements and Constraints

In the presented scenario there are three types of participants, further called roles. These are the customer, the trader and the trustee. Thenames Alice, Bob and Charlie are used for easier referral.

Types of pseudonyms for the customer (Alice):
  1. transaction pseudonym
  2. person, role, rolerelation and role relation pseudonym (won't mean any advantage)
Types of pseudonyms for the trader (Bob):
  1. certified person or role pseudonym
  2. transaction pseudonym (less trustworthy)
Types of pseudonyms for the trustee (Charlie):
  1. certified person or role pseudonym
  2. no transaction pseudonym, because his correct behavior won't be provable


Every participant has its own, small application, which uses the identity manager to establish connections, choose pseudonyms and sign documents.

Dataflow between the participants
Dataflow between participants


  • usage of the identity manager
  • provision of the catalog
  • order and shipment
  • IDMAN - for connection establishment, authentication, logging

Recent Version

System Requirements


  • None
Thanks to:
  • Sven Döring, Torsten Keil, Andreas Kowarz for design and prototype.
  • Thomas Kriegelstein for integration of identity management functionality into the prototype


3. February 2004
DRIM has been presented at Dresden. [Presentation (german)]
17. July 2003
The diploma thesis which is the base for [IDMAN] has been awared the Innovationspreis 2002 of the Industrieclub Sachsen e.V. [Press Information (german)]
CeBIT 2003
We presented ourselves on CeBIT in Hannover, in hall 11/booth D31.