The data classes, implementing the data interfaces.


Class Summary
AppelRuleSet One set of rules for Appel.
Category The categories of data fields.
Certificate The certificates and credentials.
Chain The chain of rules.
Configuration Container for Settings.
DataField The personal data field.
Key The object containing a key.
Person A people summarizes a group of -- in real life -- identical transaction partners.
Property The property of pseudonyms.
Pseudonym The pseudonym implementation.
PseudonymType The type of pseudonyms.
PublicKey The object containing a public key.
Purpose The purposes of data fields.
Recipient The recipient of data fields.
Role The role under this a transaction takes place.
Rule The type of transaction rules.
SecretKey The object containing a secret key.
TPartner The transaction partner.
Transaction The transaction, a single communication.
Type The type of transaction partners.

Package Description

The data classes, implementing the data interfaces.

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