Package psman.gui

The graphical user interface classes.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
CertificatePanel The certificate panel.
ConfigurationPanel The Configuration panel.
DatabasePanel The database panel.
DataFieldPanel The data field panel.
DatePanel Editor for Timestamps.
ExceptionDialog The dialog handling all exceptions.
KeyPanel The key panel.
Layout Layout.
MainFrame The application frame.
MainMenu The application menu bar.
MainPanel The application panel, containing several tabs.
MyFilter A file filter for a file chooser dialog.
MyTable A table.
MyTableModel A table model.
PseudonymPanel The pseudonym panel.
RulePanel The rule panel.
TableMap In a chain of data manipulators some behaviour is common.
TableSorter A sorter for TableModels.
TabPanel The abstract tab panel.
TPartnerPanel The transaction partner panel.
TransactionPanel The transaction panel.
YesNoDialog A confirmation dialog.

Package psman.gui Description

The graphical user interface classes.

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