I/O-Components for SSONET.


Interface Summary
IOStream Interface for an Input/Output-Stream for reading and writing byte arrays.

Class Summary
ByteIOStream This class constructs an IOStream from an Input- and an Outputstream.
IOFilterStream Base for IOStreams wich need to exchange messages asynchronous.
IOInputStream Provides the InputStream interface to an IOStream.
IOOutputStream Provides the OutputStream interface to an IOStream.
NullFilterStream Simple Implementation of an IOFilterStream.
XMLTools This class encloses some methods to handle common XML issues.

Package Description

I/O-Components for SSONET.
The idea here is to construct a stream with input and output capabilities. ByteIOStream is used to construct an IOStream.
IOInput- and IOOutputStream are used to get separate streams from such an IOStream for compatibility with classes from
IOFilterStream is the base for filtering IOStreams, which need to receive and messages asynchronously.

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