Classes for SSONET
org.ssonet.appConf Data structure and configuration tools for security goal configuration.
org.ssonet.awt GUI components used mainly in the BaseConfiguration utility
org.ssonet.baseConf Configuration utility for security mechanisms used in SSONET.
org.ssonet.baseConf.locale Language ressources for the BaseConfiguration utility.
org.ssonet.baseConf.rating Performance test and evaluation tools for security mechanisms.
org.ssonet.examples.catalog.customer Client (Customer) of an example teleshopping application which uses SSONET.
org.ssonet.examples.catalog.merchant Server (Merchant) of an example teleshopping application which uses SSONET. Classes used by both Server and Client of the teleshopping example. A simple example of a network connection using SSONET. Help environment for SSONET I/O-Components for SSONET.
org.ssonet.mechanisms Classes for integration of security mechanisms in SSONET.
org.ssonet.mechanisms.accountability Security mechanisms wrapper for accoutability mechanisms.
org.ssonet.mechanisms.anonymity Security mechanisms wrapper for anonmity mechanisms.
org.ssonet.mechanisms.confidentiality Security mechanisms wrapper for confidentiality mechanisms.
org.ssonet.mechanisms.integrity Security mechanisms wrapper for integrity mechanisms. Network components for SSONET-Connections. Network implementations for SSONET-Connections.
org.ssonet.util Utilities for cryptofunctions and other things in SSONET.

Other Packages


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