Network components for SSONET-Connections.


Interface Summary
AnonymityListener By implementing the AnonymityListener interface, an application can keep track of the anonymity level and state of open connections.
CertificateListener When a SSONETClientSocket connects to a SSONETServerSocket, Certificates are exchanged.
ConnectionListener Observes the life cycle of a connection.
Mechanism The interface for a security mechanism applying security modifications to the allready open stream.
SSONETContextFactory This class must be implemented by a class, which acts as a SSONETContextFactory.
SSONETContextListener Interface for classes wich aggregate Context instances or cache values derived from the contents of Context objects.
SSONETProtocolStream Interface for the SSONETProtocol.

Class Summary
ActionConfiguration This class saves all values which are neccessary for configuring a action.
BaseConfiguration This Object holds the configuration of security mechanisms.
CheckCertificateDialog This dialog can be used to show a certificate to the user, so that he can accept or reject it.
CryptoTools This class is a collection of helpfull Methods for handling cryptographic operations
KeyExchange This class implements protocols for secure exchange of keys and certificates.
MechanismInstance This class provides a mechanism for unified access to security mechanisms.
PhaseThreeConfiguration Configuration class for negotiation phase three, the negotiation of the security mechanisms and their parameters.
PhaseTwoResult This class holds a security goal configuration after the security goal negotiation.
SSONETConstants This class holds constants used in ssonet.
SSONETContext Describes the communication circumstances, the connection.
SSONETContextProvider A bit a dirty trick, to bind a SSONETClientSocketFactory, which was created at the Server side, to a clients SSONETContextFactory.
SSONETNegotiate This class implements the negotiation functions for security goals and mechanisms.

Exception Summary
SecurityGoalConflictException This exception is thrown, if a security goal conflict occured during connection estabishment, which could not be solved.
SSONETCertificateNotValidException This exception is thrown, if a certificate exchanged during connection establishment was not valid.

Package Description

Network components for SSONET-Connections.

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