Class MechanismInstance


public abstract class MechanismInstance
extends java.lang.Object

This class provides a mechanism for unified access to security mechanisms. By calling getMechanismInstance() a security mechanism with the given parameters is returned.

Field Summary
static java.util.Hashtable config
static boolean debug
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static getMechanismInstance(int securityGoal, java.lang.String mechanismName, ioStream, context, org.ssonet.mechanisms.MechanismConfiguration ownMechanismConfiguration, org.ssonet.mechanisms.MechanismConfiguration partnerMechanismConfiguration, keyExchange)
          Initialize Mechanisms with key exchange for use in a communikation link.
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Field Detail


public static boolean debug


public static java.util.Hashtable config
Constructor Detail


public MechanismInstance()
Method Detail


public static getMechanismInstance(int securityGoal,
                                                          java.lang.String mechanismName,
                                                          org.ssonet.mechanisms.MechanismConfiguration ownMechanismConfiguration,
                                                          org.ssonet.mechanisms.MechanismConfiguration partnerMechanismConfiguration,
                                                   throws ParameterNotCompatibleException,
Initialize Mechanisms with key exchange for use in a communikation link. The keys are taken from the object context

securityGoal - the security goal, for which the mechanism is to be used, @see SSONETConstants
mechanismName - the name of the mechanism
ioStream - the stream, where the mechanism shall be applied to. During initialization this ioStream must not be used to transmit data. Initialization data must be transmitted using the keyExchange object.
context - the SSONETContext object of the connection, for which the mechanism is to be used
ownMechanismConfiguration - the mechanisms configuration from the party calling this method
partnerMechanismConfiguration - the mechanisms configuration from the remote party
keyExchange - the object holding methods for secure key exchange, which is needed during initialization if the mechanisms. This object must allready be initialized.
the initialized mechanism
ParameterNotCompatibleException - if negotiation between ownMechanismConfiguration and partnerMechanismConfiguration resulted in a conflict, so that the mechanism could not be initialized. - if an error occured during initialization of the mechanism

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